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What is Green Network Asia? 

Green Network Asia is a purpose-driven public affairs consultancy and independent digital media company envisioned to create an ecosystem of shared value for sustainable development.

We are a team of knowledge workers, writers, storytellers, content marketers, science communicators, event producers, shared value enthusiasts, and sustainable development advocates.

We aim to support sustainable development by promoting and mainstreaming sustainability principles, showcasing good practices, and enabling collaborations across multi-stakeholders in governments, businesses, and civil society for the realization of sustainable development.

Learn more about our organizational profile here.

Is Green Network Asia a for-profit or non-profit entity?

Green Network Asia is a privately held for-profit organization. Our legal name is PT Bumi Manusia Berkelanjutan.

To learn more about why we decided to do business instead of non-profit, read our #LetterfromtheFounder “Moving Purpose into Action by Creating Shared Value”.

Regarding how we position “profit” relative to the “social and environmental impact” of our organization, here is how we consciously measure our standing position and impact focus in the B Impact Assessment:

“We treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success for our business and prioritize it even in cases where it may not drive profitability”

While creating shared value internally in our organization, we channel philanthropy with our partners and communities through Layanibumi, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to serving people at the bottom of the pyramid and the planet. We power the organization by providing comprehensive assistance to support its overall operations. Please note that Layanibumi’s website has not been available online at this time.

What do you do?

We offer strategic partnerships that deliver public affairs consultancy to support your sustainable development journey and initiatives through our integrated platforms.

Learn more about our offering and partnership opportunities with Green Network Asia here.

How do I contribute and publish an article with Green Network Asia?

Currently, our Op-ed/”Opinion” platform is available for contributors. Please learn and follow the Op-ed Guidelines to publish your article with us.

Can I propose a media partnership with Green Network Asia to cover my event?

Yes, you can!

A media partnership is considered an “in-kind partnership”, meaning it is a reciprocal business relationship and not a charity, even though the partnership is unpaid financially.

For this type of partnership, we will request a “give back” initiative from your side in exchange for our support of your event, usually through “brand awareness support”, to ensure your community and more people know about our organization and benefit from our work to support their life, work, and career. All parties should agree upon the technical details of a media partnership in an MoU.

Generally, we are happy to support initiatives that align with our mission. However, it is our absolute discretion whether or not to accept your media partnership proposal based on our independent editorial judgment and management situations.

Our independent editorial judgment may include the following considerations: 1) the relevance and usefulness of the coverage to our audience, 2) the benefit of the coverage for the greater good and the interest of the general public, and 3) the compatibility of your event to our organization’s purpose and mission.

Our management situations may include considerations such as 1) our current team’s workload and 2) our team’s availability in terms of time and energy.

Please send your media partnership proposal via email: [email protected]/test-greennetwork cc [email protected]

I feel the benefits of learning from the news and stories published by Green Network Asia, how can I support you?

It is very meaningful to learn that more and more people benefit from our routine work.

You can contribute to our organization with financial and non-financial support, individually and on behalf of your organization. Learn more here.

Do you have an email newsletter?

Yes, we do a Weekly Newsletter delivered to our subscribers every Friday. Click here to subscribe.

You can also recommend our Weekly Newsletter to your friends and colleagues so they can stay up-to-date with sustainable development news and stories from multi-stakeholder communities in the Asia Pacific and beyond. You’re welcome to send them the subscription link.