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Op-ed Guidelines

Dear Community Readers, 

Thank you for visiting Green Network Asia! 

We would like to invite you to write and publish your op-ed articles with Green Network Asia on our “Opinion” platform.


We intend to promote valuable insights, points of view, and voices of the authors from different nationalities and backgrounds to address environmental, social, economic, governance, and cultural-related problems on topics surrounding sustainable development.

You can explore any issue, case study, and event in local, regional, or global context as long as the messaging is relevant and valuable for the international audience. 

By publishing your op-ed with Green Network Asia, you may persuade governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and individual citizens and customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond on matters that you find important and are close to your heart.

This can be a strategic platform for you to advocate policy reform, create public awareness, and more.   


You will benefit from the careful curation, meticulous editing, and beautiful illustration that our team will dedicate to your piece. 

You will also gain exposure in our ecosystem that will strategically promote your insights, points of view, voices, and profile to our multi-stakeholder communities.

Our multi-stakeholder communities have passion, enthusiasm, aspiration, and interest in sustainable development. They have power, influence, and potential in their respective fields and organizations.

We continuously create an ecosystem of shared value with our multi-stakeholder communities in governments, businesses, and civil society to solve problems and achieve collective impact in society.  

Please note that we do not provide honorarium for the published op-ed articles on our platform. 

Topics of Interest

Your op-ed should cover any of the following topics:

Poverty Eradication | Rural Development | Food Security | Nutrition | Sustainable Agriculture | Health and Well-Being | Education | Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment | Water and Sanitation | Energy | Green Economy | Sustainable Tourism | Employment and Decent Work for All | Social Protection |  Sustainable Transport | Industry | Reduced Inequalities | Disaster Risk Reduction | Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements | Sustainable Consumption and Production | Chemicals and Waste | Climate Change | Atmosphere | Small Island Developing States | Oceans and Seas | Biodiversity and Ecosystems | Forest | Mountain | Desertification, Land Degradation, and Drought | Children | Youth | Information for Integrated Decision Making and Participation | Institutional Framework and International Cooperation for Sustainable Development | Capacity Development | Finance | Financial Inclusion | Multi-stakeholder Partnership and Voluntary Commitments | Science | Technology | Trade | Corporate Responsibility | Corporate Accountability | | CSR| ESG | Harm Reduction | Impact Investment | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Technical Guidelines

  • Your op-ed must be original and has never been published on any other platforms before.
  • Your op-ed should be grounded in solid research, supported by relevant evidence, facts, and data. You may use any of the two basic methods: field research (using primary materials from interviews, observations, visiting the scene, and your own knowledge) or library, academic, internet research (using secondary materials; graphs, charts, scholarly articles).
  • You should hyperlink all sources/references available online into your draft to ensure credibility and allow our community readers to learn further. Only legitimate sources are accepted.
  • Our community readers are diverse, spanning from experts, practitioners, decision-makers, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs to the general public. You should deliver your op-ed in easy reading and popular writing style while maintaining the quality of the content.
  • Your op-ed should be within 700 – 800 words, including the title and subheadings.
  • We highly recommend you use subheadings to  highlight important points in your op-ed and help our community readers navigate your op-ed more quickly and easily.
  • We recommend your op-ed to include: the problem you see and want to help tackle, solutions that you propose to address that problem, and supporting evidence/case study/fact/data that strengthens your argument.

Editorial Decision

We do our best to read your op-ed submission and notify you about our editorial decision as soon as possible within one week.

If we don’t get back to you within one week, you may assume that we will not publish your op-ed.


We do careful final editing on the op-ed that we have approved to be published. We ask the author to approve all the changes before publishing the final version on the web.


Please submit your op-ed via email: [email protected]/test-greennetwork cc [email protected] 

We hope to learn, share, and collaborate with you in the ecosystem of shared value for sustainable development. 

Thank you!

Last updated: 10 January 202