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Dear Readers,

With Green Network, we are proud to be supporting a global agenda for people and the planet, one step at a time towards sustainable development.

As time goes, we learn more and more that sustainable development is the main pathway to a future of security and prosperity. We want to do our part to support sustainable development through Green Network’s integrated platforms by 1) promoting and mainstreaming sustainability principles, 2) showcasing good practices that can be adopted, adapted, and scaled up as actionable solutions to address complex environmental, social, and governance problems, and 3) enabling collaborations across multi-stakeholders in governments, businesses, and civil society. 

We are actively changing biased and siloed mainstream narratives through our content deliveries. We amplify the voices of local communities, indigenous people, vulnerable groups, startups, small and medium enterprises, and experts so they and relevant authorities can build a constructive dialogue that will enable potential solutions to the problems in society.

We know we are on the right track from the feedback that lets us know how Green Network creates an impact by highlighting community agendas, magnifying community aspirations, and sharing learning opportunities and potential for action. The mission must continue.

Our shared purpose and mission are worth the investment in energy, time, and money. Green Network has a team with an abundance of purpose, passion, determination, and hard work. To deliver quality publications sustainably, the team needs competency and funding. We are inviting you to be a part of our Community Network and fund our advocacy efforts.

The Community Network will be powering the work we are doing at Green Network to make sustainable development more accessible to everyone. If you would like to continue to see our efforts to benefit society by spreading knowledge, information, and awareness, power our publications for as little as US$25 a year. 

Thank you.