Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman

Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman

Hello, I’m Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman. I am an academic and a professional in the fields of economy, logistics, and communication technology. I have written three articles on Q1 journals, three articles on Q2 journals, an article on Q4 journal, several book chapters, and academic and institutions reports. I have led and been involved in many research and consulting projects for various businesses and government bodies worldwide.

Currently, I live in Tangerang, Indonesia. I work at Samudera Indonesia, a leading logistics company headquartered in Jakarta with several overseas offices in the United Emirates Arab, India, and ASEAN. I’m leading Samudera Indonesia’s Research Initiatives (SIRI) and Corporate University (SICU), focusing on utilizing and maximizing the values of the company’s intangible assets through research and training. Additionally, I’m also a part of Samudera Konsultan Indonesia (SKI) and head of Samudera Daya Maritim.

I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, where I completed my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I teach Digital Economics, Introduction to Economics 1 & 2, and Indonesia´s Economics and Business. I also teach a course on ICT at the Faculty of Engineering. 

I went to the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden to study at the Department of Technology Management and Economics. I obtained my Ph.D. in 2012 in Technology and Society, specifically ICT and Digital Economics. During my Ph.D. and post-doctoral study (2008-2013), I was assigned as project leader on several ICT and telecommunications studies supervised by Prof Erik Bohlin about telecommunication tax in Hungary and Greece, e-government in Japan and Sweden, and the socio-economic impact of broadband speed upgrades in OECD countries. 

I have given speeches at various consultations, training sessions, and seminars at the national level for businesses and government bodies in Indonesia. My research, reports, and other projects are related to my expertise in the network industry, transportations, e-government, and digital economic discourses. I am also a frequent op-ed writer on transportations, digital economy, and ICT in Indonesia with articles published in The Jakarta Post, The Conversation, and Koran Kontan.