Mulya Amri

Mulya Amri


I’m Mulya Amri, familiarly called Muli. I believe in cities that thrive, communities that inspire, policies that work. I have over 20 years of experience in urban planning and public policy, working with government officials, businesses, and civil society groups in Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, China, and the U.S. 

Based in Jakarta, currently I’m a public policy specialist and member of the expert panel at Katadata Insight Center. My work involves leading multiple teams of researchers and data analysts from project inception to delivery on topics related to economics, business, and public policy, including digitalization.

I have co-written 20 books and book chapters, mostly on subnational competitiveness and urban governance. I am also an experienced public speaker, having shared and chaired panels with ministers, mayors, and CEOs of Multinational Corporations in front of an audience of more than 1,000. 

I studied architecture for my bachelor’s degree in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. In 2004, I got my Master’s in urban planning from the University of California, Los Angeles, where I was also responsible as the Outreach Coordinator for Advanced Policy Institute. I moved to Singapore to teach and pursue my Ph.D. in public policy at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - National University of Singapore, graduated in 2016. 

Off the clock, I love running. I’ve completed two full marathons, though it had been a while since my last one in 2012. I am currently training for my next marathon, hopefully to happen next year. I also enjoy taking street photographs. I find it interesting to take pictures of people amidst their urban environments. To this day, I stay connected with my college friends because we play and write music together.